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    For Doctors, Healthcare Professionals & Medical Clinics

    Ultrasound High Resolution Polypropylene Direct Thermal Printer Rolls

    Ultrasound machines use direct thermal printers. Images are printed on High Resolution Polypropylene Direct Thermal.

    Ultrasound printers require special high resolution PolyThermal ultrasound material.

    SecureGuard™ on demand Ultrasound High Resolution Material is used in hospitals, clinics, OB offices and others.
    For use in Sony and Mitsubishi Ultrasound equipment .

    Micro Format is a leading manufacturer of Direct Thermal Rx Paper Products
    and High Quality Thermal Rolls for use in Mobile Printers

    SecureGuard™ Maxwell on demand Ultrasound High Resolution, High Density Polypropylene Direct Thermal Material specially designed for printing ultrasound images.

    When you purchase SecureGuard™ Direct Thermal Paper Rolls from Micro Format, you can be confident that you are working with the industry leader.

    NO controversial chemicals, bisphenol-A (BPA) in Micro Format Secure Guard™ Thermal Paper Products.

    Ultrasound Paper for use with Mitsubishi and Sony Ultrasound

    • Mitsubishi
      • P-70
      • P-90
      • P-91
      • P-93

    • Sony
      • UP897MD
      • UP895MD
      • UP890MD
      • UP870MD
      • UP850
      • UP811

    Item# RxULTRA500
    (same as SG-713110-5HD)
    110mm x 18m
    Poly Thermal
    1/2 inch core

    1 carton
    (5 rolls per carton)
    $60.00 per carton plus shipping by UPS

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    3 cartons
    (5 rolls per carton)
    $50.00 per carton
    Total $150.00 plus shipping by UPS

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